Apple's 2030 carbon-neutral pledge covers itself and suppliers
Apple has announced a target of becoming carbon neutral across its entire business and manufacturing supply chain by 2030.
The company says the commitment means its devices will have had "zero climate impact" at point of sale.
It told BBC News any company hoping to become a supplier would have to commit to "be 100% renewable for their Apple production" within 10 years.
It follows climate-focused pledges by other technology giants.
Microsoft arguably has gone further, by promising: It has also just announced the creation of a consortium involving Nike, Starbucks and Mercedes-Benz among others to share information on carbon-reducing technologies.
Amazon has set a 2040 target to go carbon neutral, reflecting the challenges it faces in converting its home-delivery vehicles to more eco-friendly energy sources.
And Google has said it also intends to extend the carbon-neutral status it claims for its own operations to encompass its supply chain but has yet to set a deadline.


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