Award Name Description Request
Owner Owner of site
Staff Member Proud staff members of InLobos
Defender Defender One who has a lot of reported topics/posts Request
Helper Support another member Request
Designer Designer show outstanding graphic designing skills Request
Donator Donator One who give some donation to InLobos Request
Pot Head Smoke weed everyday Request
Writer Writer of a high-quality, unique tutorial. Request

Award Name Description Request
Golden Member Golden Member Upgrade to Golden Membership
VIP Member VIP Member Upgrade to VIP Membership
Diamond Member Upgrade to Diamond Membership

Award Name Description
5 Referrals Invite 5 friends to join community!
25 Referrals Invite 25 friends to join community!
50 Referrals Invite 50 friends to join community!
75 Referrals Invite 75 friends to join community!
100 Referrals Invite 100 friends to join community!

Award Name Description Request
50 Threads Create more than 50 thread
250 Threads Create more than 250 thread
500 Threads Create more than 500 thread
1000 Threads Create more than 1000 thread
2000 Threads Create more than 2000 thread